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Thorgeir Thorgeirsson, Phd, Decode Genetics

Erindi Thorgeirs Thorgeirssonar, PhD, Decode Genetics Genes, brain and behavior. The Decode SÁÁ research collaboration: what have we learned?

Thomas Clausen, Dr. Med. University of Oslo

40 ára afmælisráðstefna SÁÁ: Addiction Medicine. Full specialty for doctors in Norway Thomas Clausen, Professor, Dr. Med. University of Oslo Abstract In Norway addiction medicine is provided as part of specialist level services accessible to all citizens, free of charge, as part of the universal health care access. In 2012 the Norwegian government decided to …Read more »

Kári Stefánsson, MD, Decode Genetics

40 ára afmælisráðstefna SÁÁ: Genes, brain and behavior. The Decode SÁÁ research collaboration: what have we learned? Kári Stefánsson, MD, Decode Genetics Kári Stefánsson, M.D., Dr. Med. has served as President, Chief Executive Officer and a Director since he founded deCODE genetics in August 1996. Dr. Stefánsson was appointed the Chairman of the Board of Directors …Read more »

Paul Earley, MD, DFASAM

40 ára afmælisráðstefna SÁÁ: Physicians with substance use disorder: Can this model be effectively applied to other populations? Paul Earley MD, DFASAM, Medical Director of the Georgia Professionals Health Program, in the U.S. Abstract Physician Health Programs (PHPs)  use multi-year, use contingency-driven, chronic disease management protocols to care for physicians with SUDs.[1, 2] Remarkable recovery rates …Read more »

Josiah D. Rich, Professor of Brown University

40 ára afmælisráðstefna SÁÁ: Treating Hepatitis C in RI ́s prisons Josiah D. Rich, MD, MPH, Professor of Brown University, RI Josiah D. Rich, MD, MPH is a Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Brown University and a Practicing Infectious Disease Specialist at The Miriam Hospital and at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections – …Read more »

Andrew H. Talal, MPH,

40 ára afmælisráðstefna SÁÁ: Telemedicine in Clinical Care and as a tool in addiction medicine Andrew H. Talal, MD, MPH, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, University at Buffalo, New York Abstract Andrew H. Talal, MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, is a board-certified gastroenterologist who …Read more »

Panel: Training of professionals in addiction medicine

Training of professionals in addiction medicine Panel discussions: Lecturers and professionals in addiction, offcials, program directors Thomas Clausen Professor, Dr. Med, University of Oslo, Dr. Steinunn Hrafnsdóttir, Associate professor, Faculty of Social Work, School of Social Sciences, University of Iceland. Gisli Kort Kristofersson, PHD, RN, PMHNP-BC Assistant Professor, School of Health Sciences, University of Akureyri, Hjalti Þór Björnsson, NCAC, …Read more »

Erna Milunka Kojic, Professor at Division of Infectious Diseases

Erindi Ernu Milunka Kojic MD, professor at Division of Infectious Diseases, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai A Structural Intervention to Improve Substance Abuse Diagnosis and Treatment Practices in HIV Clinic Settings. Treatment Adherence through the Advanced Use of Technology, preliminary findings

Gerard J. Schmidt, President of NAADAC

40 ára afmælisráðstefna SÁÁ: Counsellors: What is needed to get certified as an addiction counsellor in the US today  Gerard J. Schmidt, MA, LPC, MAC, President of NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals and the Chief Operations Officer at Valley HealthCare System in Morgantown WV Abstract This presentation will be an overview of the various levels of …Read more »