40 ára afmælisráðstefna SÁÁ um fíkn

Patrick G. O’Connor, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P.

40 ára afmælisráðstefna SÁÁ Patrick G. O’Connor, MD, MPH, Professor of General Medicine, Chief, General Internal Medicine, Yale School of Medicine Dr. Patrick O’Connor is a Dan Adams and Amanda Adams Professor of General Medicine and Chief of General Internal Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut. …Read more »

Stephen Strobbe, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Stephen Strobbe is Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, and the Department of Psychiatry. He is board-certified both in psychiatric and addictions nursing. His professional background has included clinical care, research, administration, and education. He was the first Clinical Director for the University of Michigan Addiction Treatment Services (UMATS). …Read more »

Þórarinn Tyrfingsson, læknir

Erindi Þórarins Tyrfingssonar MD, past Medical Director at SÁÁ SÁÁ´s 40 years of addiction treatment

Jeffrey Goldsmith, Past President of the American Society of Addiction Medicine

Dr. Goldsmith was in private practice from 1981-1994.  In 1994 Dr. Goldsmith joined the VA hospital fulltime and he currently works in the Buprenorphine Treatment Clinic and Dual Diagnosis Clinic in Cincinnati VAMC. From 1994-2009, Dr. Goldsmith worked in Dual Diagnosis Services and research with the Clinical Trials Network. He was an active member of …Read more »